Updated: March 2, 2024
Name: Barmakina Yelena Mikhailovna
Date of Birth: October 9, 1967
Current status: Defendant
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2)
Current restrictions: Recognizance agreement


On September 12, 2018, Rosfinmonitoring arrested the bank cards of Vladivostok resident Yelena Barmakina, and the next day she was charged with participating in extremist activities. By that time, her husband Dmitry Barmakin had already been held in a pre-trial detention center on a similar charge for more than a month. The only complaint of law enforcement officers to the Barmakins is their religion. What do we know about Elena?

Elena was born in 1967 in the city of Cherepanovo, Novosibirsk Region. She has a younger brother, Sergey. As a child, she was engaged in gymnastics, loved to skate. She graduated from the Odessa College of Public Catering and received the specialty of a catering technologist. Later, she was educated remotely at the New York Institute of Photography. She worked as a photographer and photo designer. Today, her hobby coincides with her profession - this is photography. He still goes in for sports and visits the pool, goes hiking.

Yelena firmly decided to adhere to the Christian path in her life and has not left it for many years. According to Elena, she was amazed by the precisely fulfilled prophecies from the Bible and the answers to prayers, which became clear proof of the power of God for her. She was also greatly impressed by the exemplary behavior of believers.

Over the years, Yelena lived in Donetsk and Bakhchisarai. In Crimea, she met her future husband Dmitry, who also loved the Bible. Three years later, in 2006, they got married. Together we moved to Vladivostok to be closer to and take care of Yelena's elderly parents and grandmother. Dmitry shares Elena's passion for travel, is also fond of photography, loves to create video animations.

The life of the spouses was divided into "before" and "after" the initiation of criminal cases. In addition to supporting her husband in the pre-trial detention center, Yelena cannot find a permanent job, since she can be summoned to court or interrogation at any time. "If earlier we solved all the issues and tasks together with Dima, now this heavy burden fell on my female shoulders," says Elena. - I have no support, support and adviser. We have been together for many years and have never parted! And now I'm alone for the second year. I'm very worried about Dima. My mother cries all the time, and all my relatives and friends are still shocked by what is happening."

Case history

In the early morning of July 2018, a group of masked armed security forces invaded the apartment of 90-year-old grandmother Yelena Barmakina, after which Dmitriy wife Yelena was imprisoned in a pre-trial detention center for 447 days. Later, Yelena herself was accused of extremism because of her religion and the family’s bank accounts were blocked. The believer’s case was considered by the Pervorechensky District Court of Vladivostok. In September 2020, the court returned the case to the prosecutor. In August 2021, investigator Tarasenko opened a criminal case against a peaceful believer Yuriy Redozubov and merged Barmakina’s case into one proceeding with the cases against Redozubov, Lonchakov, Katanaeva, Astvatsaturova, Tregub, Tsorn and the Verigin spouses. In June 2022, the case went to court.