Updated: April 12, 2024
Name: Kozak Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich
Date of Birth: April 22, 1994
Current status: Suspect
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2), 282.3 (1)


On February 11, 2019, a criminal case was opened in Surgut against 21 Jehovah's Witnesses. The local Investigation Department believes that their religion is wrong. Among the suspects was Yevgeny Kozak. What do we know about this man?

Yevgeniy was born in 1994 in Surgut. He has two brothers. As a child, he was fond of music and football. He received secondary vocational education in two specialties at once: a programmer-technician and a pianist. Most recently he worked as a web programmer. As in childhood, he is fond of football, music, computers, loves to travel.

Already at the age of 12 he was a deeply reflective person. Reading the Bible, I began to think a lot about how wisely our world works. He consciously came to Christianity.

In 2013, Yevgeniy married Anastasia. In a happy marriage, they had three children: a daughter and two sons. Spouses are united by their common faith in God.

Relatives on his wife's side, who do not share the religious views of the family, are outraged by the brutal persecution of innocent Russian citizens. Anastasia's health problems worsened.

Case History

In February 2019, after a series of searches in Surgut, accompanied by torture and beatings, Yevgeny Kozak became a defendant in a criminal case for his faith. He was accused of participating in and financing the activities of an extremist organization. Later, as part of the criminal case, law enforcement officers conducted several more searches in the homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In July 2023, Valentina Alekseyeva and Kirill Severinchik were also prosecuted under the article on participation in the activities of a banned community, and Yuriy and Roman Khorikov were accused of organizing its activities and financing.