Updated: March 2, 2024
Name: Khvostova Irina Vladimirovna
Date of Birth: March 15, 1992
Current status: Defendant
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2)
Current restrictions: Recognizance agreement


Persecution of civilians on religious grounds continues in Magadan. Searches and interrogations began in March 2018. People are accused of "extremism" just because they read the Bible, pray and sing songs together. Among them is 27-year-old Irina Khvostova. What do we know about her?

Irina was born in the city of Stakhanov (Lugansk region, Ukraine) in 1992 in a religious family, her parents profess Orthodoxy. Irina has a younger sister. Since childhood, the girl was drawn to art, to self-education. She read a lot, studied piano at a children's music school. And today her craving for beauty, as well as her desire to learn, has not weakened: Irina loves music and learns to play the guitar. Later the family moved to Odessa. There, Irina graduated from the Polytechnic University with a degree in chemical technology. Now he works in an environmental laboratory.

In Odessa, the girl got acquainted with the teachings of the Bible. "Since childhood, I believed in God," says Irina, "and wondered why so many misfortunes happen to people around the world. I haven't read the Bible before. Studying it helped me to see the great wisdom of this book, to find the answer to my question and to find the most beautiful hope for the future."

Due to the hostilities in Ukraine, the whole family had to move to Magadan. By that time, she was already married. Irina met her future husband Vadim at school. He is fond of cars and their modeling from paper. Irina and Vadim love to get together with friends in nature, cook kebabs.

When they came to the couple with a search, Irina's younger sister was visiting them. She experienced a great shock. She does not share her sister's religious beliefs, but she sincerely does not understand what the dreaded word "extremism" has to do with Irina and her friends. "These are peaceful people who respect the opinions and views of others," she says. Irina's husband is completely perplexed by the criminal prosecution of his wife.

Case history

After a series of searches in Magadan in May 2018, Konstantin Petrov, Yevgeny Zyablov and Sergey Yerkin were placed in a pre-trial detention center. On the same day in Khabarovsk, Ivan Puyda was searched. He was arrested and then taken 1600 km away to the Magadan pre-trial detention center. The believers spent 5-8 months behind bars, and then almost as long under house arrest. In March 2019, the FSB conducted another series of searches. The number of defendants in the case reached 13, including 6 women, including the elderly. The investigator regarded the holding of peaceful worship services as organizing the activities of an extremist organization, participating in it and financing it. In almost 4 years of investigation, the case against 13 believers grew to 66 volumes. It went to court in March 2022. At the hearings, it became clear that the case was based on the testimony of a secret witness - an FSB informant who kept secret records of peaceful worship.