Updated: March 2, 2024
Name: Feruleva Tatyana Georgiyevna
Date of Birth: February 6, 1974
Current status: charges withdrawn
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (1.1)


On October 2, 2019, a criminal case was opened in Krasnoyarsk against Tatyana Feruleva. Her conversation at a bus stop with a resident of the city was regarded by law enforcement officers as "extremism". According to investigators, the believing woman "involved new members" in an organization where the Bible is read. What do we know about her?

Tatyana Feruleva was born in 1974 in Altai, in the village of Berezovka. She has an elder and a younger sister. Together with his parents they moved to the village of Kurbatovo, Balakhtinsky district. Her father left the family, and my mother had to raise the girls alone. Later, he and his grandmother moved to Krasnoyarsk. After school, Tatyana received a secondary specialized education by profession "educator". Recently she has been working as a nurse.

Tatyana loved the forest since childhood. When I was in the taiga, I admired the beauty and reflected on wildlife. Questions arose: where did everything come from? Thanks to whom does such magnificence exist? "As a child, I heard from my parents that God created everything," Tatiana recalls. "But I was also told about the fiery hell in which God torments disobedient people after death. At that moment, I lost interest in spiritual things, considering God to be cruel. Everything changed when my mother became seriously ill. She prayed a lot, looking for help. Her prayers did not go unanswered: she began to read the Bible and learn about God. I was in my early twenties at the time." Later, Tatiana also became interested in the spiritual.

The criminal case has already affected Tatyana's health and caused insomnia. The younger sister, her husband and daughter cannot understand why they are persecuting a peaceful woman.

Case history

In the spring of 2018, turner Sergey Tolstonozhenko talked about the Bible with a man whose behavior the believer suspected that he was an informer. In July 2019, officers of the FSB and the Investigative Committee conducted a survey, and in fact a search of the believer’s home with the seizure of personal property. At the same time, they invaded the tutor Tatyana Feruleva against her consent. The Federal Security Service of Russia for the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation and the Investigative Committee conducted an inspection in the apartment of gas welder Eduard Belyaev. In October 2019, the Leninsky District Department of Krasnoyarsk opened a criminal case against the believers, accusing them of involving them in the activities of a banned organization. This is how the investigation interpreted a simple conversation at a bus stop. 10 months later, the criminal case was dismissed due to the absence of a crime event.