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The Krasnodar FSB, Together with the Cossacks, Raided Believers in Two Villages. Bibles and Electronic Devices Seized

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In the morning of April 29, 2020, groups of armed security forces invaded at least seven homes of residents of Pavlovskaya and Kholmskaya villages for searches and interrogations, exposing believers to the risk of infection during the pandemic. A 62-year-old believer was taken to Krasnodar for interrogation, and a written recognizance not to leave the place was taken.

Обновление. As it became known, on April 29, searches were held in nine homes. On that day, a search of another family was held in Kholmskaya. Security forces searched for literature of Jehovah’s Witnesses and asked the owners if they were “adherents of the forbidden organization. After the raids, a recognizance not to leave was taken from a 43-year-old resident of the village of Pavlovskaya. A criminal case has been launched against her under Part 1.1, Art. 282.2 (involvement in the activities of an organization recognized as extremist). The investigator labeled as crime the believer’s conversation about the “attractiveness of serving Jehovah” with a young man who turned out to be a special agent.”